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Apple’s iPhone Daylight Savings Time bug – redux

This isn’t the first occurrence of the DST bug in the ever popular iPhone.

The same glitch in the iPhone’s clock that made loads of Europeans late to work last November has struck back with a vengeance. Instead of springing forward or standing still, many Verizon iPhone owners found that on Sunday their phones had fallen back, making them not only irritable and confused, but two hours off schedule.

(source: ComputerWorld)

A couple of things surprise me about this.

  1. This happened before.
  2. Where’s the outcry?

As noted in the CW article, this happened last year in Europe. And if I recall, it happened in the US once before as well, when the DST was expanded. Is determining if the phone should be on DST or not really that hard? I’ve done the calculations before, I don’t recall them being anything tricky, IF such and such date is the start of DST, and the hour is 2am, Then Add One Hour. OK, so not all states support DST. OK, Windows allows for this. It’s the “Adjust for DST” setting in the Date Time configuration. If you’re in Arizona, you know to turn that off. Apple? Are you listening? Want to make it even easier? If GPS is turned on, and I am in Arizona, leave my clock alone. Otherwise adjust it.

The first I heard about it, was on the local news this morning. And in passing. It wasn’t until about 20 minutes ago that I found the first article on it on CW. And again, it was a mention. Had it been a Win7 phone that had done this, Microsoft would have been crucified. I can just imagine Steve Job’s response “Just don’t calender it that way.” Or some other comment that seems out of touch.

Oh, and for the “solution”… turn the phone off then back on. Seems Apple DOES steal ideas from Microsoft after all.

I’s also like to note, my Droid had no problems what so ever. Neither did my win7 laptop.

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