I  currently work as a consultant for TEKSystems in Charleston, SC. At the moment I am currently assigned to Blackbaud where I do customizations for a proprietary system used by non-profit and higher education organizations to assist in their fund raising and donor tracking. The work there is a mixture of VB.NET, SQL and some XML.

I am a  Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD VB6), granted it’s a bit old, but there is it. I have been working with the BASIC language in one form or another for around 30 years, beginning with Apple BASIC, to GW-BASIC to Visual Basic 3, 4, & 6 and now VB.NET (2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0).

Prior to my current employment, I worked for a construction company, Kiewit Construction, working on an in-house application. Prior to that, at EnSite Incorporated, developing the company’s flagship application, an Enterprise application using a VB 6 front-end with a /SQL Server backend. The application is used by marketers in the utilities (Natural gas & Electric) industry. And before that, I was in the Air Force as a programmer/analyst. That’s where I first got started with VB using version 3.

Anything before that isn’t very interesting. Just some jobs that had me working fast food, at a ski resort, and a couple years working at Disneyland.

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